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URL:  yay—stefon

Real life name:  victoria

Nickname:  v

Birthday:  dec 15

Gender:  female

Sexuality:  pan

Height: 5’9

Time zone: japan standard time (JST) 

Local time & date:  september 1st, 18:27

Average hours of sleep a night:  8. This is a hard and fast rule for me. It actually got me through uni, because I knew that I was going to get 8 hours of sleep, so it meant that I started my homework on time so that it was finished before I went to bed. Even if it wasn’t finished, I was still going to bed.

Last thing I googled:  ”why does squeezing your left thumb in your fist make your gag reflex go away” (erm)

Most used phrases:  brohayo gozaimasu

First word that comes to mind:  bruh.

One place that makes me happy & why:  an airplane, because while I hate flying, it means I’m going somewhere cool.

How many blankets I sleep under:  one in the summer, a fuck ton in the winter.

Favourite beverage:  the tears of my enemies. and white wine.

The last movie I watched in the cinemas:  I want to say the amazing spiderman 2? or maybe captain america 2? it’s been a while.

Three things I can’t live without:  my bunny, alcohol and eyeliner.

Something I plan on learning:  how to be a japanese teacher. or how to be an abortion clinic escort. or how to get on SNL. I have a lot of dreams.

A piece of advice for my followers:  don’t be a douche to service industry workers. seriously.

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(Re: putting Hader's face behind Taylor's arm) You're gonna have to go through every frame and erase some of Hader's face. You might want to start from the end.

Thank you, anon! I see how that would work. I’ll try it next time!

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Your Taylor Swift and Bill Hader post are legendary! It's my favorite x)

Thank you! I wish I knew how to make Bill’s face go behind Taylor’s hand, though! Do any PS gurus know how to go about doing that?

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Not entirely sure how I feel about this.

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Bill Hader’s List of 200 Essential Comedies Everyone Should See

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