bill hader finally realizes how big of an idiot he is

bill hader finally realizes how big of a big beautiful lovable goof he is*

nah I’m pretty sure I nailed it the first time

No he is perfect

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BIll Hader: By the Book

Ugh, be still, my sapiosexual heart.

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+bill hader  +he seems so brainy  +despite exterior appearances  +i feel like he'd be able to go on for hours about the things he's really passionate in  +and i really like people like that  +interview 

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+bill hader  +what i imagine is always happening in his head 

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Andy Samberg?

Why not Zoidberg?

Oh, you mean for a collage? I can do that.

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First Look: Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in Judd Apatow’s ‘Trainwreck' | NY Times

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I give you… John Mulaney

I’m pretty sure my sexuality is John Mulaney.

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Could you do a Kristen collage?

Sure can!

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